The NHS in St Helens have stopped treating routine foot care. We are seeing more diabetic patients coming into a private setting. Some may still have their diabetic review from the NHS. Normally we do encourage patients to still go for their diabetic review with the NHS, but we also offer to Diabetic Assessments.

The main aim of the diabetic assessment is to allocate a risk status for ulceration. This includes the assessments of the vascular and neurological systems. We also look at the shape and position of your foot with any deformities. The shape of the diabetic foot can increase the risk of ulceration. The aim is to educate and advise this growing population. Depending on any results, a copy of the review will be sent to your GP. A holistic approach is necessary when conducting the assessment, so we may need to know recent HbA1c numbers, and details of any renal or eye complications. If you are unsure we may need to write to the GP for any missing information with patient consent.

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